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Full Stack Developer and Video Editor

Originally from Jackson, MS, I currently reside in North Carolina where I work as a freelance video editor and a full stack developer. I am skilled in full stack development, video editing, and audio editing.

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Coding Challenges

Completed at the behest of Coder Foundry

Fizz Buzz

Are your Buzzes Fizzed? Are your Fizzes Buzzed? Can you Fizz and Buzz like no one else can? Enter any two numbers and this will calculate their multiples!

Sunset Hills

The sun rises! The sun sets! Will you see it's beginning? Or will you miss out on it's light? Enter heights for the buildings and this will calculate which can see the sun.

Sum Of All Fears

What does man truly fear? There is only one true answer. Math! All fear math! This will tell you if the numbers you enter could equal a sum of k

Taco Cat

I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup. Enter any word or phrase and this will reverse it for you! How cool! Looc woh!

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Yes, I am!
I learned to be a full stack software developer from the wonderful people at Coder Foundry in Kernersville, NC.
I pursued a film minor while studying at the University of Mississippi, which introduced me to editing. I took several post-production classes and continued to learn through self-study.

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